Chinese new year

Year of the wood Dragon

Indulge in the fiery spirit of the Year of the Dragon at TORA, where our Chinese New Year Menu meets the artistry of cocktail pairing. Embark on a sensory journey as each dish is expertly paired with handcrafted cocktails, created to complement and enhance the flavors of our festive offerings. Our pairing menu promises a symphony of tastes that dance on your palate. Join us at TORA and raise a toast to prosperity, happiness, and good fortune in the year ahead, as we blend the ancient traditions of Chinese cuisine with the modern elegance of artisanal mixology. Celebrate the auspicious Year of the Dragon with us, where every sip and bite ignites the spirit of joy and abundance.

10th february 2024

pairing Set Menu

Experience TORA’s Chinese New Year set menu, a fusion of tradition and innovation. Each dish is paired with handcrafted cocktails for a sensory delight inspired by blessings for the Year of the Wood Dragon.

This pairing set menu will only be available on the 10th of February.

11th – 24th february 2024

Specials Menu

Experience flavours of the Chinese New Year enjoying some of our signature New Year’s dishes as specials, complimenting our a la carte menu. Each dish can be perfectly paired with our bespoke cocktails.

This specials menu will be available with our regular a la carte menu from the 11th to the 24th of February (excluding the 14th of February).